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Lia Sophia Jewelry Sales

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Lia Sophia, formerly known as Act II Jewelry is a MLM model Direct Sales company and a member of the Direct Selling Association based in
Wood Dale, Illinois, USA. It makes the latest party jewelry and has been around for about 30 years. It appoints representatives for the sale of their products through promotions in house parties and personal websites.. This is a real opportunity for fashion and party loving at-home ladies to make some money. Becoming a representative of the Lia Sophia Jewelry is not as hard nor does it involve much money as the training, support and tools are all provided by Lia Sophia.

The house parties are arranged in consultation with the Lia Sophia advisor of the particular area to show case their products at the party. The starter kit offered by the company also provides materials for the first five shows. The representative is offered free credits worth 20% of the sales in the show for use in regular purchase(40% in case of 10 orders or more from the party), A Hostess bonus pricing on four styes of the representative’s choice at $15 or the stated price, 50% discount on any two styles.

The company provides a starter kit costing $124( as applicable in this month, March) which includes sample jewelry worth $1000 along with the paper and training materials. The contents of the starter kit are: Sample jewelry worth $1000, Catalogs, Order forms, Business flyers, Other hostess forms, A pair of jewelry trays, pieces of old model jewelery for use as show, prizes, A comprehensive training DVD, A CD about the company and success details, as well as talking point cards.

All these to guide you through to successfully present their products in your house parties or personal website.

The earnings of a representative if Lia Sophia is as commission.

Potential Earnings
Apart from the discounts and bonus pricing, the representative earns a commission of 30%-40% on the total sales. However, the representative has to sell jewelery worth $250 per quarter to remain active however there are no sales quotas as such.

Advisor Earnings Chart

[TH]Shows/month[/TH] [TH]Sales/month[/TH] [TH]Profit @ 30%[/TH]

8 $5,200 $1,560
7 $4,550 $1,365
6 $3,900 $1,170
5 $3,250 $975
4 $2,600 $780
3 $1,950 $585
2 $1,300 $390
1 $650 $195

Please note that Show Sales based on lia sophia national Show average of $650

Manager Earnings Chart

[TH]Level[/TH] [TH]Average*[/TH]

Advisor $2,412
Unit Manager $28,709
Division Manager $77,330
Region Manager $212,449
Zone Manager $1,000,930

*Based on 2010 gross income statements.

Advisors Can Receive the following:

  • 30% Profits
  • Cash Bonuses
  • Free Jewelry
  • Incentive Trips
  • Recognition (Monthly, Quarterly, Annually)

    Increasing Sales for Success
    The success of a representative depends on hard work combined with the ability to influence people and target the people who are known to the people who are know to the representative. The customer base invariably starts with relatives, friends and others who are close to the representative.. Once these people are convinced of the quality of the products that are being dealt with, the customer base gradually increases. The business can be expanded using the internet through personal websites and advertising . Leaving a business card in the business establishments around the place usually directs people to the representative. Keeping in touch with regular customers reduce the chance of their changing loyalty.

    Since this is a commissioned based direct sales venture, the representative has to register his success in the first few quarters. The real terms and condition are only provided by the advisors of Lia Sophia and are not available directly. Use the pointers given in this article to know about working from home as a jewelry sales representative.

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