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Scentsy or Partylite Consultant

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Let the Candles Show You the Light to Your Question, ‘How To Make Money as a Consultant?’

Have you always wondered about how to make money as a consultant, but never knew how? You can now cash in by becoming a Scentsy consultant, or a Partylite consultant. The companies Scentsy and Partylite have scripted the success stories of numerous consultants, and these consultants swear by the scented candles that anybody can achieve the success they enjoy.

The companies owe their success to the quality products they have delivered to their customers. They have spent millions of dollars on the research that went into creating their successful products, and setting up their state of the art facilities to produce the quality products. It is quality that gained the trust of the numerous consultants who value promoting these products and the products have never let them down.

Scentsy and Partylite are focused on direct marketing to sell their products. This means that they do not have distributors who would pick the products and distribute it to the retail stores; rather the product is delivered to the homes of the customers through a consultant. The consultant through his or her marketing efforts has gained the trust of the customer. The customer can place fresh orders only through the consultant, and never directly with the company.

MLM, or multi level marketing companies can potentially be a really good way to earn money. You get paid for the products you sell, and you could also earn money from the sales of people you trained to become consultants. Thus you could take pride in playing the Good Samaritan by helping another individual earn his or her living, and also get repaid for your service through the sales they achieve.

How could you make money?

You make money through partying! It is as simple as that. Scentsy or Partylite encourages you to organize a party and invite your friends and relatives to it. You are paid for organizing the party and also for the sales that result from it.

Partylite promises $350 for conducting a party and a sale every week. You could earn $1152 for conducting 2 parties and 4 sales every week. This figure becomes $1856 if you manage 3 parties and 8 sales per week. The more parties you organize, greater would be your earnings. Further, you could earn 25% profits from your sales, and you earn an additional 7% when you exceed $2000 worth of monthly sales.

You could get started with Partylite in 3 different ways, you could organize a ‘Starter Show party’, and gather about $350 of orders to receive your starter kit absolutely free, or gather enough orders worth $350 and submit it to receive your starter kit absolutely free, or just purchase a starter kit by paying $175.
Scentsy gives you different kinds of parties which you could choose from, to become a consultant. They have the Scentsy Home parties, Scentsy Open house, and Scentsy Basket party. You could organize a Scentsy home party and invite your friends and relatives to it. During the party you could introduce Scentsy to them, and also pass around some 80 scent testers to mesmerize them with the fragrance. While your guests enjoy the refreshments, the Scentsy consultant will give them a lively demonstration about Scentsy and its fabulous products.

The Scentsy Open House could be organized when your friends or invitees are aware of Scentsy. They could drop in to your place at a time of their convenience, and the Scentsy consultant would give them a small presentation about the products.

The Scentsy Basket party gives you the convenience of taking the party to people who could not make it to your parties. The Scentsy consultant would give you a basket full of products and order forms. You could take the basket around and introduce people to the product, and collect the orders from them. You could then submit the collected order forms and the basket back to the consultant.

For your efforts Scentsy gives you 10% of free products when your guest sales are worth between $150 and $249. You also earn 1 half-priced item. For guest sales worth between $250 and $399 you earn 10% free products, and 2 half-price items. You get 3 half-price items and 15% of free products for guest sales in the range of $400 to $999. Sales worth above $1000 will earn you 15% of free products, and 4 half-price items. You could also earn a Perpetual Party Reward when one of your party invitees hosts a Scentsy party. You would earn a half-price item when you attend this party.
Since Partylite and Scentsy follow the MLM model you are required to contact a consultant to organize your party and get started. You could contact a consultant close to your area by filling up the online form.

Partylite and Scentsy are direct selling companies, and they are members of the Direct Selling Association. Both the companies follow the code of ethics set by the DSA. This is an assurance to the consultants that the companies are not making any false promises and would not mislead them in any way. The code of ethics further requires the company to be transparent and ethical in its recruiting and without violations of any law. Since the companies are responsible for the actions of the consultants, the DSA member companies ensures that their consultants are well trained, supported, and properly communicated about the dos and don’ts of the company. The DSA appoints a third-party to investigate when any violation or complaint is brought to its notice.

Partylite and Scentsy have presented a wonderful opportunity to consultants to earn a respectable income promoting their respective products. Numerous people gave up their corporate jobs to be closer to their families; they now enjoy a better life as Partylite or Scentsy consultants. By becoming a Scentsy or Partylite consultant, you have the opportunity to work from home, and be your own boss. You will never again be required to bow to work pressure and sacrifice your precious time with your family. You would require very minimal training to get started, and the investments you need to make are also minimal. If selling and socializing is your passion then Partylite or Scentsy can make you happy and wealthy.

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