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Adult Day Care/ Companion Care

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If it is true that children are our future then it must be true that the elderly were the past. With this being said there is some level of respect own to the elderly to take care and watch over them. With the surplus of

people living pass the age of 65 with new medical advances there has never been so many older healthy people than now. There is no better feeling than helping someone who has helped shape the world even if it’s in some small way. Many people would want to spend their lives volunteering and helping these people; however with the cost of living so high that’s just not possible. However there is a way that they can combine working and taking care of the elderly and this is by starting a Home Adult day care center. No this is not a nursing house or some kind of medical center. What is does is provide companionship, aid with eating and other type of day services. Many persons would be hesitant to start a business from there home; however an adult day care is relatively easy to start up. To make it more clear the how to’s to starting and running a successful business will be laid down in easy steps so that no confusion is there and the decision to start an adult day care center will be an easy one.

Step One-Starting the business

Once it is decided that you want to start an adult day care center the next steps is knowing your state requirements to starting the business. Even though the requirements vary from state to state the general requirements set down the National Adult Day Services Association is that some type of license or certificate in required. About 25 of the 50 states require license, 10 require a certificate and 4 require both. How one goes about getting this license. However the majority of states require a day care license from their licensing board. Once you have acquired and or certificate and you have decided to run it out of your house there must be established rules and regulations. These rules should be how the business will be run etc. You then have to designate an area in your home where the elderly can gather. Ensuring that your home is clean and tidy on a daily basis will be the key to running a successful business out of your home. When the clients arrive you will direct them to the area where they will participate in games, activities that are overseen and other things in general. You can also provide home assistance where you go into the person’s home and provide care.

Step Two- Getting clients

Once the business as been established and is now ready to begin clients are needed. Advertisement is the key to get your business out there. Going to local nursing home and speaking with the manager about your business and see if you can get your name out there. Tell family and friends about your business so they can recommend you to those who want companions for their elderly family members. Go to churches and put on the bulletin board so their elderly and family members can know about the services that you provide.

Step Three- Expenses and money to be earned

The cost of running an adult day care center out of your own home can cost next to nothing. The major cost however is ensuring that the business is properly insured. So make sure to check what each insurance company offers and choose the one that best suits you and your business. The other cost are employing people if you intent to provide home assistance. The average pay for them is 7.25/hr so the amount of employees hired is crucial. The profits to be made are good as average adult day care prices range from $50-100 a day per client. If you can have 3 or more clients a day this can be very profitable.

So what are you waiting on get on the path now to starting an adult day care center from your home and start earning top dollar taking care of the elderly. Just by entertaining them and letting them enjoy themselves is enough. This is something that the average person can do all it takes is a license, a clean space in your house and the right advertisement to be on your way to being your own boss and earning a nice profit.

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