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Tastefully Simple Independent Consultant

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Tastefully Simple consultants bring about the chances of operating a business either part time or fully. His/ her task is to market and sell food items by either advertising them on their website or conducting house parties.

To become an independent consultant with Tastefully Simple, you have to have a clear understanding of what your tasks will entail. You should start by putting orders to your customers. Once the orders are in, you deliver the packages ensuring you maintain a proper and reliable customer base through the many orders placed.

It is advisable to be going through the Tastefully Simple website for insight on how to continually grow your business as well more information of the company. Also, communicating with another consultant in your region would go a long way in helping you understand the ropes of the business as well as get a personal perspective of what to expect and be prepared for it.

The next step is to select a sponsor from your locality and go to the Tastefully Simple website to become a consultant. In choosing a sponsor, there are three methods at your disposal. The task of the sponsor is to guide you on how to start your own independent consultancy. After filling out the online form, tastefully simple will contact you mainly on the same day you have filled the form. You will now be required to buy a kit that has all you will need for you house parties as you commence your business.

When you host your first party, you are advised to invite family and friends as this will be a good beginning for establishing a reliable customer base.
In maintaining the customer contacts, it is advisable to implement word of mouth and have your parties sell themselves out. Establishing a good base entails putting your best foot forward and maintaining a top notch quality of products to ensure they are faithful and stay committed to your services for a very long time.

While you host parties, you receive $10 worth of food for every $100 sold. The startup cost is $170 which is used to purchase the Kit. The kit also concludes instructions and marketing tools that will help you get started immediately. Apart from that you can generate a network and earn 30% more in sales. In this way you earn more on new recruits. The startup cost as an independent consultant is approximately $140 and is inclusive of supplies and guides. You are also entitled to a monthly magazine as well as an entry to the Head Office database whereby you could get more information of the company through its chat rooms.

Tastefully Simple offers awesome incentive for the consultants e.g. limited time rewards for attainment of the set goals. As a consultant, you are motivated to do more than the expected in order to benefit from these services. When you embark on starting your own business from home as a Tastefully Simple Independent Consultant, it should be an exciting opportunity as well as an educative and money making venture.

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