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Gold Canyon

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Gold Canyon Candle Company was started in 1997 by Karen Waisath at her home as she tried to make a candle with a scent enough to fill her home. Since then, the simple experiment has grown to a company which produces a variety of exquisite

candle scents, home fragrance, body care essentials, bath products, candle care products and body products. The company offers great opportunities to work from home by operating as independent demonstrators. It allows people to sell its wares from the comfort of their homes.

To become a representative for Gold Canyon Candle Company, one needs to visit the company’s official website and sign up. The sign up process involves submitting your name, the personal mailing address, physical address, phone number and the most appropriate time to be contacted. It is necessary to have a sponsor before signing up for Gold Canyon. The sponsor can be acquired by going to the locator link in the company’s website. The company then responds in a period of between two minutes to two days by sending the allocated login ID. The applicant should then contact their assigned sponsor and buy a sample kit which contains lotions, candles, advice on how to hold successful parties and how to market the personal business both online and in person.
After understanding the concepts of the business, then the applicant can start selling their products.

The start up expenses of starting a home Gold Canyon candles business is currently segregated into two separate kit options. A full demonstrator kit option goes for $ 150 while a sample demonstrator kit option goes for $ 99. The company is currently offering interested applicants an opportunity to start with an initial payment of $ 20. If the applicant sells $ 700 within the first 30 days, the initial amount is refunded and the applicants are given their kits free of charge.

Potential Earnings
Potential earning of conducting a home Gold Canyon Candles business is a commission percentage which begins at 25%. However, the commissions have the potential to grow as one builds their business. For sales made by doing parties the commission is usually 36% with the distributors being paid on the tenth of every month. But one can choose the time they want to be paid as long as they have made a minimum of ten dollars. After getting to certain levels, distributors earns free product and stand chances to win free vacations as an incentive of their high sales.

The company assists the distributors on basics of how to establish a great customer base by conducting fundraising programs. The fundraisings are great opportunities for the distributors to make more money and doing less work. Distributors can also establish great customer base through their own initiatives such as; distributing catalogs, starting marketing websites, sending e-letters or by showing products samples to potential customers. After identifying their customers, the distributors should ensure that they provide high quality products which meet the customers’ demands. Consequently the satisfied customers will become loyal and also act as marketing platforms since they might pass on the information about the products to other potential customers.

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    • Sadly, the Gold Canyon company closed in 2020, with zero notice due to insufficient funds to continue operation.

      They sold the majority of their remaining warehouse stock via large auction lots.

      For similar scents you can purchase candles from Sunset Scents. They use the same chemist as gold canyon.


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