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BeautiControl Consultant

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Recent global trends in the beauty industry suggest that it has weathered the storm like many of the other manufacturing sectors. An IBISWorld’s Cosmetic & Beauty Products Manufacturing market report projected a 2.3% increase

in growth in 2011-2012. If you have been searching for a viable investment options, you could become a BeautiControl consultant and join a list of over 140,000 successful representatives. For a company with over 30 years experience in this field, you will get all the essential technical support that you would require to turn your BeautiControl consultant home based business into a success story.

Here are some simple steps to guide you on how to join this richly rewarding work from home program:

Search for an Existing Consultant for Sponsorship
To become a consultant, you need to search for a mentor who already understands the company’s products and goods. If you do not know anyone which is most unlikely, you can log in to BeautyControl’s website and search for a consultant near you.
When you contact your sponsor, try as much as possible to learn about the company’s wide range of spa products, lip balms, mascaras, eye makeup, foundations, among others. Try to form a marketing strategy you can use after signing up before you even do so.

Signing up
After the initial exposure, you can register online and get your start up kit. The kit contains spa how-to DVDs, skin sensors, training materials, demonstration products, exclusive marketing program membership, Spa Manicure Products, Skinlogics Lip Apeel, a spa bag and marketing aids. These will set you off smoothly and ensure you transform your home to a spa seamlessly.

Start up Expenses for a BeautiControl Consultancy Business

The sign up cost of $125 caters for your start up kit. Oftentimes the company runs specials and offers sign ups for new consultants for as low as $99. Products and materials in your kit will boggle your mind and considering you do not require any more funds, it is a negligible cost. Your new spa kit will include:

  • BC Spa Facial Collection
  • Revolutionary Skin Sensors TM
  • Best selling BC Spa Manicure Products
  • Best selling Skinlogics Lip Apeel
  • Playbook and How-to-Spa DVD
  • Spa Materials to share the opportunity and sell products
  • Gorgeous Spa Now Bag

Potential Earnings
As a new BeautiControl consultant you will enjoy a preferential 50% introductory discount on all product inventories for your first month. This means your commissions will be higher during your first month because the normal discounts are 40% of inventories. Other avenues of earning include commissions for introducing new representatives. This also leads to higher levels with discounts and other special benefits. In essence, you have total control over how much you earn especially now that the company’s products are in demand.

Establishing a Great Customer Base
Now that you are all set, hit the road by introducing close family members and friends. You can use one-on-one marketing by visiting popular salons and leaving brochures with your contact numbers. In addition, try to host BC parties where you introduce guests to your products and induct as many as possible through training and demonstrations. These guests in turn tell their friends and use products bought from you to host their own parties. You also earn immense discounts of up to 20% based on sales at these parties and amazing free new products. Being a BeautiControl consultant will be your first step to financial freedom.

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    • During its 35 years in business, BeautyControl employed hundreds at the corporate offices, had 400 Directors, and had 50,000 consultants working for the company… BeautiControl announced its closure on July 20th, 2017. The company permanently shut down on August 31st, 2017.


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