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Wildtree Consultant

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Wildtree history dates back to the 90’s when the founder, Leslie Montie set out to find how to prepare simple and natural foods. She envisioned natural foods without added preservatives, dyes or additives. With help from her grandparents,

she was soon on a winning streak having created a menu of great tasting natural dishes. Out of her inspiration and desire to help others, she founded Wildtree in 1996. Since then Wildtree has been able to grow in leaps and bounds cutting a niche for itself in the natural food industry. Wildtree now boasts over 1000 distributors in the United States.

To become a Wildtree consultant you have to buy a starter kit which costs $99 plus tax and shipping. The kit contains a representative sample of the products, product manuals, order forms and forms to sign up new distributors. Other costs include a monthly fee of $8.95 to use a replica of the company website. It actually contains over 100 food items. Wildtree consultants use home tasting parties as the preferred way to market the products. However, like any other work from home business or any other business for this matter you don’t make money by being a passive member. To make a living with Wildtree you first have to understand the compensation plan so that you can use it as a planning guide and a motivating factor.

Wildtree consultants earn up to 40% of their personal sales and up to 8% of their group sales if they choose to build a team. This creates a platform for a residual income as the 8% group sales commission applies to future sales as well. Taking $200 as the average sales figure from a single home tasting party means that a single parry could earn a consultant about $80 commission. By just doing 3 of these home tasting parties a consultant can earn about $240 a week or $960 in a month with personal sales only. By sponsoring new distributors a consultant can grow his team and earn even more. The beauty of building a team is that you get to earn a passive income whereas with the personal sales commission you have to actually sell the products yourself. You therefore write your own cheque depending with the number of your downlines and their level of activity. Simply put, there is no ceiling to the amount of money you can make.

Wildtree offers a product perfect for the network marketing industry since it is a product/need of a reoccurring nature. Everybody eats food everyday unless they are fasting. To increase your levels of success with Wildtree it is therefore important to create a loyal customer base. To create a great customer base begin by selling the benefits of using the company products to the customers. Once they are sold on how the products are likely to benefit them they will be more inclined to buy from you rather than buying the processed foods out there. Secondly, keep close professional contact with them so that you get to know the products they like and to offer them suggestions to try. Remember that it is the personal touch that differentiates networking marketing from other forms of marketing strategies. Finally, present the business opportunity to your customers so that they too can become advocates of the company.