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Soylicious Candles

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Soylicious candles is a wholesale company that gives you the chance to work from home. It specializes in selling fragrance candles to wellness centers, health spas and Resorts. Their products are made of 100% natural soy and the product line has different scents such as citrus, fruits, floral and wood. This company specializes in candles made from soy instead of paraffin for a variety of reasons:

The Soylicious company does not use paraffin candles because they produce harmful carcinogenic that may be toxic. The paraffin candles are also not biodegradable and are an environmental hazard. The paraffin candles are also not efficient because they burn up at a very fast rate. The Soylicious Company is not only environmental friendly, but also offers great opportunities to work from home.

Becoming a company representative with Soylicious is a very simple process. First, you will have to join their company representative team by visiting the Soylicious company website. The information required on this website is your name, contact information, including your physical address. Upon signing up, you can become a company representative for only ninety-nine cents.

This is a great opportunity to earn a lot of money while investing very little capital to start the business. A sign up special offer is currently running and if you have always wanted to earn some serious cash and still work from home, this is your chance.

Once you have registered as a company affiliate, you are free to explore the wonderful opportunity. The special features available to affiliates include:

  • A 40% discount on all purchases
  • There is a monthly fee of $4.99 with no restrictions on the number of goods you can buy
  • You get an extra 20% off the purchases if you buy them within two weeks of signing up.

This is geared towards helping you build up your kit with the different candles and fragrances that you want to trade in.
The benefits received from investing in Soylicious Candles,work from home, work at your pace, and get many opportunities which include a 40% commission on all online orders, which is a great income, earned in an easy way.

You get your own website where you can market the goods and earn your commission. This site will also help you recruit new affiliates to the Soylicious company. You acquire an affiliate back office that helps you in tracking sales and team growth as well as access to a control panel that offers fundraising information, training and other tools that will help your business grow. You can set your own working hours and work from home

Once you have started with Soylicious Candles,work from home business, you will need to expand your business by establishing a good customer base. This can be done by marketing your various products online through social networks. This is a new internet-marketing concept that increases brand visibility. This will not only help grow your work at home business, but will also increase the revenue of Soylicious Company.

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  1. im a massage therapists i used to order these wholesale a couple of years ago i been looking for them all over the place. how can i buy a case?


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