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Initials, Inc. Consultant

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The network marketing company, with the unique title “Initials Inc.” was founded by two sisters Britney Vickery and Ivy Hall in the year 2005.Based in Georgia, they started it as a very a small party organization from their house. But the company’s growth is so tremendous that now it is one of the largest multinational dollar MLM Businesses. The sisters started their company by making handbags with embroidery designs using only one machine. Since then they never looked back. Initials Inc. is now a member of the DSA (Direct Selling Association).

The products sold by Initials Inc. include a variety of bags, personalized hand bags and accessories. Since these could be used as gift article, the business could be termed as gift business. All these products can be customized and are all very popular due to personalization and customization. Their consultants or independent creative partners sell the products mostly through home parties. You may invite your family members and friends to these parties to exhibit the products. Usually these parties work well since all will feel very comfortable in your house or at a familiar place. It provides lucrative job opportunities for people, especially women, to work from home. By becoming a Representative of the company, you can make some extra income in your spare time.

To become a Representative

Like any other network marketing company, to become a Representative of Initials Inc. you have to purchase a starter/business kit. At present it is sold at a discounted rate of $100 excluding shipping charges and taxes. This starter includes 11 products to display and to use, order forms, catalogs, postcard invitations and a fabric ring. Initial Inc. provides you a free website and also a customer newsletter free of charge during the first 3 months after which you have to pay an amount as monthly fees.

Ways to make money with Initials Inc.

Representatives of Initial Inc. can make money in a few methods. Through retail sales you can earn some bucks. Another source is the residual income produced by your team. In addition, you get 25% base commission and the money paid by some other ways.

  • On average, a new Creative Partner earns $35/hour through party sales.
  • Our career plan is top in our category!
  • Enjoy 25% base commission + recruitment bonuses + personal sales bonuses + lucrative (up to $10,000) promotion bonuses!
  • No personalization charges or “upsale” fees here—what you see is what you get!

To Attain Success in the Business
There is no guarantee that you can be successful when you represent a good company with excellent products. The best way to get started is by inviting your family members and show-casing your products. You can impress the same persons once or twice only. Since Initial Inc. is a purely network marketing business, you can produce best results only by learning marketing tips and getting quality leads. So what you can do is first learn the effective online and offline marketing methods for success. Your success mainly depends on your ability to sell and recruit. A network marketing organization like Initials Inc. has to use attraction marketing system to produce sufficient number of leads every day. Mathew Alleyne’s MLM training will help you to get above 50 leads/day and 20+recruits in a month. His “Attraction Marketing” will guide you how to get more than 30 high quality leads per day and 20+ new recruits each month. This also provides you with step by step methods to achieve success in online business.

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