For the gardening basket, I'd look into finding a nice large pot.
You might luck out and find a terra cotta one at a garage sale,
but don't overlook those shiny steel buckets and other containers
that can end up as planters with some stones in the base or even
some holes poked in the bottom. Even a planter box would do
perfectly! I think I'll talk about the planter box since I've seen
those as cheap as $3 at Family Dollar, and I know you can get
the holders for another $1-2. Buy a bag of the good soil (I get
this at the dollar store...for $1, of course), and lay that in the
box. Add a pair of gardening gloves ($3?), a trowel which you
can get at the dollar store ($1) and then decide whether you're
giving a spice or flower planter box--or both. You can usually
get 8-10 packets of seeds for $1 at the dollar store too, so if
you have a budget of $15, you'll stay under the limit even if you
find a pretty plastic or metal or china miniature watering can at
the dollar store or a garage sale. Even the Salvation Army has
these at times. I've got one, for instance, that's metal--a former
creamer, but it's ideal! The other one I have is a watering can
made from china and painted a pretty red. Are there little things
you see at the dollar store that would be ideal for such a garden?

You should have enough to get one or two still. Mint, btw, does
very well in these boxes, as do marjoram and thyme. Delicate
flowers like impatiens also will do well in these. lol I've got lots
of these ideas just welling up, I'm afraid!

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Michelle Young
Date: Sat Jul 6, 2002 3:00 pm