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    Default Camp Burritos

    Camp Burritos

    1 lb ground sirloin
    1 4 oz can salsa
    1 tsp ground cumin
    1 10 oz pkg frozen spinach
    1 cup grated cheddar cheese
    10 large burrito size flour tortillas, or more if smaller size
    1/4 tsp each of black pepper and salt

    In a large skillet brown the ground sirloin. Add the ground cumin, salt, pepper and the salsa.

    Add the spinach and heat through. Meanwhile heat the tortillas on a flat griddle or skillet. Fill tortillas with meat mixture, top with grated cheese and roll up.

    NOTES: Can also use ground turkey or chicken. Make sure it's lean or you'll have to drain the meat after browning. You can also mix the cheese into the meat mixture just before serving. This makes for really easy serving.
    The spinach should be defrosted, just drain any liquid from it as best you can. I take it out of the store packaging and put it in a ziplock bag when we leave home, then just open the bag and squeeze.
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