How to Make Snow Removal Tool for Roof

If you've seen the video for the avalanche tool, you'll love this diy project to make your own snow removal tool for the roof

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Stuff you need:

4'x 1.5"x1/8th" section of flat aluminum (get it at lowes or home depot, etc)
1/4" threaded rod
9.5' Heavy Tarp
Machine screws (10-24x 1 1/2)
Anti-Skid Pads 2" (51mm) for wheels

measure 10" from each end of the aluminum, then bend it 90 degrees on each end.

Enlarge the holes in the antiskid pads to fit the 1/4" threaded rod.

Place the "wheels" on the bent ends and mark them.

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Drill out the hole (1/2" down on-center), repeat on both ends. Thread the rod threw the holes and trim the rod 3/4 of an inch past each end.

Place locking nuts on the inside.

Add the wheels and lock them in place with locking nuts.

See the Complete Project Step by Step here in the video:

If this looks like too much work, you can literally buy one here.