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    Default I'm melting! (-50 lbs and counting)

    I got up to 290 lbs and did not want to hit 300; It was looming closer. I've battled and lost creeping weight gain for close to 30 years. Every diet and magic pill out there, I've tried it.

    I've finally found what works for me.

    More and more scientific evidence is pointing to a high fat, moderate protein, and low carb diet to bring weight off. I'm not talking about how it worked for like 12 people and is based on anecdotal evidence. This is real science and large scale studies.

    Additionally I'm seeing people every day who've had success and are able to maintain their desired weight. My friend in NC has taken off 106 lbs. Another girl I know lost 86 lbs and has been in maintenance for three years.

    What they are finding is the ketogenic diet does not produce any slowing of the metabolism. The body switches from burning carbohydrates to burning fat. Even people with PCOS are losing weight by eating this way.

    I lost 40 lbs in four months and have a ton of energy, sleep better, and just plain feel good. I love that this diet is about whole foods and clean eating. The only supplement is some Magnesium/Potassium and Morton Lite Salt to help keep my electrolytes up.

    Life interfered with my weightloss plan, it had to do with the health of my in-laws and I went off diet for a year. I gained 9 lbs back over that stressful time and have been back on diet for two weeks. I've shed 12 lbs so far.

    A typical day is:
    Breakfast: 2 eggs cooked in coconut oil with three slices of bacon.
    Lunch: A big pile of lettuce with some other veggies. Then my choice of egg salad, tuna, or turkey. I can put some cheese on it and the dressing needs to be sugar free.
    Dinner: 6 oz of any type of protein and as many non-starchy vegetables as I want.

    I'll generally make kebobs on the grill, just switching out the meats and marinades as I please.
    Snacks: (up to two a day)Usually an ounce of almonds, cheese, or Hilshire farms sausage, cup of bullion.

    Today I switched it up and made pancakes with coconut flour cooked in butter with some smashed blueberries in heavy cream.

    I typically drink a lot of water and a couple cups of coffee with heavy cream.
    If you are interested in learning more:

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    Default Re: I'm melting! (-50 lbs and counting)

    That is awesome/amazing~~~ Keep it up!!!



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