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Snowboard Hero™ by Bing

Genre: Games
Price: Free
Release Date: December 20, 2010

Have the alpine fun of your life performing the most incredible tricks and take the challenge in this arcade boarder game SPONSORED BY BING! Defeat your rival by sheer speed, skill or special moves wilder than you ever dreamed of. Earn credits along the tracks to buy new boards and clothing to customize your style in a rich variety of game modes and tracks.

In a fully 3D animated boarders paradise there are 20 unique challenges waiting just for you. Beat your rival performing fine jumps and some serious grinding while you race for victory using both touch and accelerometer controls. Customize your gaming experience via racing modes and their combinations. Beat the clock, beat your rival, earn points for the difficulty of your tricks in freestyle mode and hit the gates fast in slaloms. Pick up items and fill up the trick- and boost bars to perform extra specials feats. Each character has its very own special moves and achievements to unlock.

Show the world beyond the snowy mountains you are the top dog on the boards in the online leaderboards.

- Choose DUDE or KITTY and compete against one of them
- 5 disciplines
*********** - speed run
*********** - freestyle
*********** - slalom
*********** - gate time
*********** - race
- more disciplines by combinations such as speed run slalom
- customizable characters: boards, pants and jackets of your liking
- customizable abilities: each board influences agility, speed, boost and jump
- two pistes
- four tracks
- spectacular special moves
- 20 events to play

Hop on board and make the competition grind their teeth in the richest snowboard game out there!

- 6 characters to choose from
- fun costumes for each character
- 5 boards per character
- up to 5 rivals
- even more discipline combinations
- additional pistes: fun park, off-piste, high mountains and glacier
- 16 tracks
- more than 70 events to play
- ad free


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