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Cartoon Garden™
Infinidy Corp

Genre: Games
Price: Free
Release Date: December 09, 2010

Fun Features!

* Grow turtles, mantis, butterflies, insects, frogs, plants, flowers and more!
* Record your own funny voice to jumping, walking and flying animals and plants!
* Add pictures from your iPod, iPhone or iPad to your garden!
* Download it and add friends to get surprises!
* Over 65 Animals to add to your garden!
* Over 45 cute plants!
* More than 100 Accessories!
* Also Featuring tons of Christmass Accessories!

**** "FACE OBJECTS" ****
Cartoon Garden also comes with a really cutting edge picture object feature!

You can put face of your friends on Face Objects! Look at the screenshots down below. Its' soo much fun!

**** "CUSTOM VOICE OVERS" that YOU record! ****

There is one more surprise! You can add voice to all your garden creatures!
Yes, so go on and record some funny voice-overs. Hook them up to any object in your Cartoon Garden!
You can even make your voice sound funny!

| What are you waiting for?
| Get it now!
| And, yeah, do tell your friends!

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