Cucumber Pecan Dip

? 8 oz. cream cheese
? 2T. finely chopped chives
? ? c. sour cream
? ? medium sized cucumber, peeled, seeded,finely chopped
? Black pepper & salt, to taste
? 4 drops Tabasco sauce, opt.
? ? c. pecans, finely chopped


Beat the cream cheese until smooth. Blend in the remaining ingredients and allow to chill for several hours to allow for the flavors to develop. Spoon into a serving dish and serve with crisp, fresh vegetables cut into chunky pieces for dipping. Crisp crackers are also delicious .

Notes: Toast pecans for nuttier flavor. Dill to taste is wonderful to add. Grated onion is great in the place of chives though stronger in onion flavor. Allow 4 hours or over- night for all flavors to blend.

Recipe source: Home Talk Board (The Girls Mom)