I have been making my own laundry soap for quite awhile. I use a hand
blender to make it liquid after sitting and becoming gel like. To
keep it liquid, I mix it with a small amount of very inexpensive
liquid detergent like EXTRA which you can get for 2.99 for a big
bottle(it also gives some bubbles to the water).
I then pour it into a pitcher or old liquid laundry soap bottle so
that it is easier to use than in a bucket.

I have been so happy to
use this and not see that large amount of money coming out of my
budget. I even like the smell that it gives to the wash. Also, I use

vinegar for softener.

It doesn't smell as good as regular softeners,
but for that I buy a real cheapo softener for when I want the

Sharon from Lancaster Co., PA where the amish also use this form of
laundry soap so the ingredients are easy to get!