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    Default Preparing Home Emergency/Disaster Kits

    FROM RIA: my main list is on the broke computer so this is done from memory
    - if I had the time I'd pull apart the car emergency box, the butt packs,
    first aid pack etc etc .. so this is just free thought not in order of

    This is my opinion .. at the very least you need water & your emergency
    buttpacks .. I have found mini backpacks and buttpacks for the littles .. LL
    carries a mini backpack, but today minipack pack style purses can also be found

    NOTE 1: all my packs have an inventory list AND a list of things that need to
    be put in ie: batteries are not left in the flashlights, I have a drawer full
    of batteries at all times so it's an easy grab

    TO DO:
    start walking with your kids .. most Americans don't walk, and having to hike
    in an emergency with blisters, breathing or heart problems etc is not a good
    thing .. build up endurance

    all kids need to know their name, mom & dads name- John & Jane Smith, if
    another person will be your backup kids knowing George Smith in Dayton OH is
    helpful .. make sure you have the information film cannisters in their backpacks
    (another reason for the mini backpack packs for kids)

    if you are in the city, and do not have transportation - you are going to
    have to pare down what you bring and come up with ways to carry your gear ..
    my kids were little I used baby harnesses, for evac I would definately have
    all the kids tied to me one way or another .. having a stroller to haul the
    littlest and some gear will help .. I saw one woman hauling gear in a wheeled
    storage tote .. wheeled garbage cans would work too

    if you have older kids have them learn CPR & the family can take class
    together .. first aid class - even a do it yourself as part of Homeschool Health

    make some of the foods in the backyard using only what you have in emergency
    buttpacks .. what do you need to add or change on directions?

    practice making fuzz sticks .. take a knife and cut slivers and stop, make
    more pretty soon the little stick looks like a Christmas tree, these burn fairly

    go camping, even if it's just in your yard or local state park ..check with
    local rec center, church, friends for tents etc .. use freecycle for it ..

    do your kids know how to drive? find an empty parking lot .. my requirment
    was that they could back up all the way around the industial circle .. I figured
    if they were hunting or fishing with Bert and something happened having them
    do a 3+ point turn on lumber roads with sides of roads going into gullies was
    not a good idea .. my kids can back up between skinny little lines <g>

    If you need to evac out fast .. a pillow case can carry food etc .. boxed
    goods on shelf can be used, rice a roni ? toss in ziplock tear off directions
    etc - boxes take up valuable space ..

    hit yard sales, local sal army, etc for some backpacks .. dump your kids
    backpack & use it

    recycled coke bottles work great for water, especially in the emergency butt
    packs .. my kids got their bike pack/emergency butt pack for Yule one year
    along with the start of some gear for it .. some we fashioned (cooking pots from
    veggie cans), some we already had but was spread around (flashlights, small
    knives etc) all got put together in one place - now its ready to go if needed

    some of us will have warnings .. we hear about the ice or snow storm coming,
    the hurricane .. but tornados& earthquakes are another story - you really have
    no advanced warnings of where the darn things will go, etc .. for tornados
    have your gear in storm shelter, not in closet in house

    FILM CANNISTERS: love these things - use a sharpie to label them
    (*check places that do 1 hour service they will usually be glad to give you
    some) ..

    one cannister with waxed matches, extra finger nail file (use to scrape the
    matches on), some cotton lint from drier ..

    one with one set of latex gloves (in fact make up extra and toss in your
    glove box etc) ..

    film cannisters can also be used to hold identification papers and put in

    snadwich baggie and twist tie spices and put in film cannisters

    sewing kit for repairs- needles, dental floss, jean patches (when kids cut
    off jeans I save a few squares)

    fishing line, hooks .. extra string

    I tend to have first aid tape wrapped around most film cannisters, in an
    emrgency its very handy stuff (almost as good as duct tape <g>)

    split cash up - do not carry a roll .. put in various spots .. you will need
    more than you think, price gouging seems very common ... since most of us
    don't keep huge amounts home this can be a problem .. a jar of change may not
    like much but it can help .. try to putl a dollar bill every few days into an
    envelope, get a slush fund started for emergency use
    if gas stations, grocery stores, hotels are taking plastic, use plastic when
    possible instead of cash .. don't depend on plastic, if phone lines are down
    the machines are not working

    I will have to put the sites for masters of various forms .. its filed

    identification of people is a huge problem .. parents put their kids on
    trucks, buses etc anything to get them out of NO, some of these kids still do
    have their parents .. we are currently filling a trailer with stuff for a gym
    full of kids with no parents .. having the contact info would at least give
    your kids a place to go rather than a gym of strangers .. NOTE this gym is only
    to age 13 so if you have a 6 yr old and a 14 yr old they would be separated,
    better they went to your best friends etc ..

    fingerprint and have hair samples (include root if possible wrap in acid free
    paper) .. include the dentist & Dr/ped name .. any health issues, what meds
    you are on and why .. family members their phone, email and address, if you
    plan on your kids living with someone else if you die make sure this info is on
    this paper too ... duplicate this info - one copy in medication bag, one copy
    with each adult & child .. this will fit in a film cannister in buttpack (I'd
    still put it in a zip lock too - this is your kids safety line to help)
    copy of birthcertificate, wills, medical power of attorney, living will etc
    etc .. sharpie to write S/S# on arm if needed .. freezer ziplocks, double bag
    these .. my PDA has all this info and more so it's in my normal purse
    (*buttpack) during a packout it'd be in a ziplock as extra protection

    make sure your kids guardians have a certified copy of your will, include
    medical history for each kid too

    I have no hesitation about using guns for protection .. emergencies and panic
    can create a Lord of the Flies mentality .. people became savages ..

    the numbers of people that were killed and raped was not limited to adults,
    they pulled a 6yo girl's body from one of the shelters that had been gang raped
    and died .. those that did not make it to the shelters were also at risk,
    husbands and male members of groups were executed and the females raped .. car
    jackings .. one group banded together with guns and were able to protect
    themselves - its on one of the lists Berts on - horror stories that are not
    the news

    holsters so handguns can be carried easily, clip style will hook to emergency
    butt packs .. guns are a personal item so everyone should be extremly
    familiar with what they are carrying for first use .. can you load in the dark?
    you find the safety without looking? etc etc .. I am more comfortable with
    revolvers, so thats my main carry, but will have the .380 or 357 as back up

    shot guns (just the noise as you jack it may be enough that "they" will
    decide to move on) ..

    we plan on some 22's as we would be heading out to country, a 22 can get meat
    on the table ..

    ammo .. I had wanted to reduce the types of ammo needed but we all are
    comfortable with different guns, Bert likes the semi-suto 9's .. I like 38 and
    .. Jake is working out on my .380 ..Bonnie is working on my old star 38 .. so
    for us that means numerous types of ammo will need packed

    NOTE: the kids have all been through hunter safety course and sat through my
    concealed weapons class, for us family time is spent on range

    good shoes or hiking boots .. socks socks - not a typo - the old maxim, "the
    army marches on it's feet", refers to keeping feet dry and wound free .. the
    FlyLady would be proud - tie shoes - this means sneakers at minimum - people
    lost their shoes in the floods, walking on glass, rocks, hazardous waste is
    not a good thing with bare feet .. if you have space, pack more than one pair
    per person - wet shoes cause blisters and are very uncomfortable, in winter wet
    feet can mean you loose your feet

    we carry dry food for them in zips .. meds and medical info also in zip bag

    I invested in a fold down fabric style carrier for the cats - it takes up
    less space in closet than the hardshell .. sew a pocket on it for medical info

    have harness and leashes in closet for dogs .. is your dog trained to carry
    paniers? if not this is a great project for the kids to try - a dog can carry
    their own food, depending on size it can carry more ..

    NOTE: if you have a well trained large dog - this is another great place to
    put money .. collars can be made with pocket for money

    carry extra flashlightlight bulbs, all flashlights should use the same kinds
    of batteries .. the minimag style are great in butt packs can find the
    double lights that are on your head ( great if you are walking through dark
    areas), these are also double A's ... a larger flashlight for person on point
    through areas at night may be needed .. WM and other stores carry a headlamp for
    under $10, this leaves you hands free

    you can find candle lanterns in camping supply stores - these are cheap and
    handy at night .. they put out a low glow without depleting the batteries

    Date: Fri Sep 23, 2005 8:14 pm

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    Default For the Car

    I'm assuming you'all are using a car .. packing up kids & backpackswith
    supplies that were located in the house there a possibility that you might
    have to hike to a safe area, but not that you have to walk/hike out any real
    distance? backpacks are easier to carry, strollers can be used to haul in gear
    too (having strollers with the large heavy duty wheels helps)

    you may have to pick and choose what you can carry in your vechicle .. kids,
    emergency buttpacks- our emergency buttpacks carry some food in them, you
    wouldn't gain weight on it but it would keep you alive .. water, meds, food, etc
    etc .. figure out your priority .. every family will have a different one

    we have camped & have a lot of the gear already so our pack outs can get
    pretty elaborate - I also have a full size van to haul it all ..

    when I was a kid, just before the news came on there was a public
    announcement "do you know hwere you kids are?" .. if you know the emergency is
    then cancel sleep overs, keep the kids close in the neighborhood .. some parents
    interviewed had some of their kids at grandma's and now grandma & those kids
    were missing ..

    another reason the FLYLADY is right - clean the car out .. the clean car
    boogie should include checking the emergency box, making sure there's room for
    emergency evacuation - having to evac and clear out your car increases the
    time in the danger area and decreases you chances on getting out safely

    Have a list of things that are supposed to be in your emergency car kit -
    check the status of items that get used ie: bug spray and sunblock .. ball caps
    and bandanas .. these are items that will be used while on field trips, going
    to the beach etc - MAKE A LIST of things not in car that you need to get and
    where they are kept

    pre-pack the car with gallons of water - except up north where they freeze ..
    rotate stock occasionally

    your car should have a fire extingusher in it, spare shoes or boots, extra
    socks, wool blanket (wool when wet still can keep you warm), hats and gloves

    other items/ tools:
    ax (if you are in flood area, or if your house has lots of trees that can
    block exits, this needs to stay in the emergency closet for possible use to
    an exit through wall or roof)

    shovel (if this is a snowstorm do not expect one of those "cheapy emergency
    shovels" to work) I like a short spade it'll go through sluch/ice (works for
    digging fire put too), & reg snow shovel in winter

    2- 5x7 tarp, wrap with string, a few stakes and bungee cords (*you'd be
    surprized what you can do with a tarp and some strings)

    duct tape (duct tape 2 tarps together you have a cover for shelter)

    a knife (*my kids all carry small flip blades, they use for cutting apples
    and in an emergency can make fuzz sticks for starting fires, etc) - I have an
    old girlscout blade that has one heck of an edge on it, its part of the car's
    emergency box in addition to the one I am carrying

    gas can - after watching the people in gridlock trying to get out of TX I
    think a gas can with gas would be a good idea - to pack later not to keep in car
    for general use, we have a shed so ours is in there -

    oil for car, windshiekld washer fluid, tranny fluid, ether or quick start
    spray, fix a flat, no ice spray, replacement wiper blades (not cool to loose
    ice storms are here)

    4 way lug wrench, hydrylic jack - these are not that expensive and easy to
    use (some flat boards, jacks need to be on flat surface) .. the scissor style
    jack are horrible to use .. jacks can be used to get you out of mud/snow bank
    (it's not easy but can be done)

    garbage bags - just handy

    I know there's more out there but the list is on the other computer

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    Default Back Packs & Butt Packs

    we camp, hunt, fish, my kids tend to go out in the woods and "wander" .. out
    buttpacks are set up for these conditions - so some of the items you may not
    need or want to carry

    I have found that the bike butt packs with the 2 thermos/water bottle
    pockets works well .. my kids HAVE to wear one if we go on a hike, or they
    decide to
    check out the local beaver pond, build a fort in the woods at camp,go
    hunting/fishing etc etc .. every year grown men who hunt the same hills and
    get lost .. having a space blanket, a source of fire/heat, some food & water can
    make a differance in your survival .. all members need to carry their own
    water .. empty veggie cans make emergency pots, I have found pot grabbers at
    local dollar store, if you can't find it wire a handle (use a stick to remove
    fire).. in some cases the "pot" fits in the water bottle pocket, then add the
    bottle, thus not taking up any extra room ..

    emergency buttpacks should also have some candles - in a wind you can "cup" a
    candle to save the flame .. aluminum foil can make a shield .. ..match
    container NOT lighter (lighters can break, not cool having fluid on you or your
    gear) .. I save all my used candles, dusty ones etc these get spread through the

    compass (*2 is nice one in kit, one on you) ..

    food .. spoon .. double blade knife .. an emergency fishing kit fits into a
    film cannister .. first aid kit - fits in old soap dish (also works as plate or
    bowl if needed) .. hat, gloves, spare set of socks .. if this is for hiking
    my kids also carry glow in the dark tape to mark trail .. mini mag flashlight -
    these take all kinds of abuse .. aluminum foil (just handy), freezer zip
    bags (can haul water to boil in veggie can if needed) .. one John Wayne for each
    buttpack (these are those flat canopeners from WW2?) .. ours have rain ponchos
    and string you can make a tent if needed with them and wrap up in the space
    blanket .. water purification tablets (water tastes funny after some tang or
    lemonade powder helps)

    cut up beef jerky in pot of water with instant potatoes, dehydrated veggies
    may not taste the best but its survival

    NOTE: I have been known to bring my gear into the store to make sure it'll
    fit well ..

    FIRST: before loading backpacks put in garbage bag, all gear needs to go into
    the bag .. this will help keep it dry .. contractor bags are a thicker mil
    and hold up best but you can use any reg garbage bag

    kids school backpacks to carry other items can work IF you are not hiking any
    distance .. however the best would be a backpack with a belt this helps put
    the weight on your hips instead of your shoulder .. shoulder pads, adjustable
    straps so it fits properly .. refit your kids straps every few months they grow
    so fast .. this way once you have to move - the kids packs will fit with
    little adjustment needed

    LL Beans carries small backpacks for littles - * there are purses that look
    like mini backpacks these can be used for littles .. even littles can carry
    some stuff .. get them used to it and use it daily for their "stuff",
    diapers, drink etc .. mine carried their drinks, snack and sweatshirts/light
    coat even at 3

    each person needs their own bag .. you need a pack list for each bag,. this
    list also needs to show what ISN'T packed and where it would be .. personal
    hygine, clothes, food, water

    we live in Maine I have a pack list set up for winter and one for summer ..
    the clothes would be completely different WARNING: if you have kids make sure
    you make a list of what is needed and check clothes for fit, kids will need it
    checked more than once a year - birthdays/holidays are a great time to do this
    (for everyone)

    Waxed tooth floss works for emergency repairs on gear, I use a large eyed
    needle .. I put needle, floss and some jean patches in film cannisters

    distribute all packages foods into everyone's backpacks & some in emergency
    butt packs .. this is in case something happens to an individual ..

    each backpack should have personal hygiene items .. when the toliet paper at
    home gets low grab it & flatten it for the backpacks .. toothbrushes, baking
    soda works well for toothpaste .. tampax, sanitary pads
    FIRST AID KIT: I have 2 styles one mini one everyone carries in emergency
    butt packs .. soap dishes work well for this .. the normal bandaides,
    butterflies, first aid tape, tick puller etc ..

    the larger one is it's own bag - it has ace banadages (I carry 3 min),
    needles, white cotton thread, gauze, small bottle of bleach, alcohol, hydrogen
    perioxide, benedryll, first aid book , etc etc.. .. sanitary pads make great
    banages if it's a large wound .. mine is rather large and is set up with
    good tweezers (glass and splinters are common), good nail clippers (if you have
    a cut with skin hanging you can cut it of with clippers so it doesn't pull
    and infect), vaseline, people ended up with chemical burns going through the
    water, bug spray, sun block, first aid tape (can be used under ace bandage to
    help support ankles) etc

    meds - if this is life threatening meds are divided up into emergency
    buttpacks as well ..

    what is dangerous in your area? what companies or business could contribute
    to problems? be able to identify poisonous plants or animals in your area ..
    what can you do to lessen the danger?

    know the signs of heart attack, signs of shock, how to splint an arm or leg
    if needed .. what to do

    MEDICINE KIT: in zip lock .. try to get your 'scripts filled 3-4 days early
    every month in a short time you will have extras (rotate stock of meds) ..
    package meds up, don't forget to label them .. if someone needs an epi-pen they
    need to carry it as well as all adults

    pack multi-vits .. stress uses up Vit C and Vit B (which makes you more edgy)
    .. do you need to pack calcium? do you have little kids? peri-menopause or
    menopausal women?

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    Default Emergency Food Packs

    HOW MUCH EMERGENCY FOOD?: the foods below are fairly light weight, but there
    are some canned goods, most of it needs water to be ready to eat .. although
    the standard is supplies for 3 days, considering the FEMA response etc I'd
    vote for at least a week's worth of food and water ... this is only possible if
    you have a car ..I have an online buddy who has spent so far 11 hours and moved
    31 miles in TX today .. water adds in weight .. alot of weight there is no
    way you can physically carry all you need

    WATER: 1 gallon of water is about 8 pounds .. recommendations run 1 - 1 1/2
    gallons a day so up to 12 # per person per day .. having smaller bottles to
    carry water on your person may work better than trying to lug a gallon in a

    if you are recycling containers for water you must clean them, then toss
    bleach in them swish around, dump and add fresh water ..

    you can carry iodine or purification tablets as well as backup bleach

    IMPORTANT: put all the foods you want to use for emergency use in the freezer
    for at least 5 days .. opening a package of rice with miller moths is not a
    good thing ...

    we go on vacation every year and bring some kitchen gear with us .. this is
    in the emergency closet so we can just grab and go .. I found this great square
    pack with handles .. it has my peeler (I hate the ones in the condo), can
    opener, lightweight plastic dish set for picnics etc (I avoid paper if
    camp silverware, zip bags (the guys fish<g>), aluminum foil, corn meal and
    flour mixture (for fish), spices (spices you can use pill bottles to store them
    in, dried onions, dried mushrooms), bottle of oil (plastic bottle in zip
    bag), empty bottle for minced garlic (we refill each year), oh and my frypan the
    ones there generally suck, dried tomatoes yada yada ..

    Misc kitchen gear: a large family pot or 2, a ladle, frypan (lid works on
    mess kits), can opener, freezer zip bags (handy for all kinds of things) ..
    spices - although spices sounds like overdoing it - for kids the taste of
    things can be calming .. film cannisters are not food safe but if spices are
    in baggies and twist tied it would work

    adults or older kids will need to carry the canned goods, dark kidneys,
    tomatoes, corn etc ..

    grab from the house breads,cheese, fresh fruit & veggies etc

    fold down sterno stoves are easy to pack, the weight of the sterno may or may
    not be a concern .. we carried these in the saddlebags of the bike so we
    could stop and have soenmthing to drink and eat in local parks etc ... you can
    also pick up stoves that will burn anything - we got ours years ago and think it
    was close to $60 then .. lightweight, quick heat for cooking, very efficent
    use of fuel (pinecones, bark whatever) .. pack an extra set of waxed matches
    with stove

    Ice chests - assuming you have freezer room put some 1/2 gallon milk jugs in
    fridge and freeze (some for the freezer ice chest, some for the current ice
    chest and some for drinking water use the first day (*wrap these and have out)

    for the ice chest you will be getting into - limit opening the lid, ice will
    melt quickly and you can loose your food stocks

    having two smaller ones makes more sense than 1 big one .. designate one as
    long term storage (2-3 days from now foods) .. all food needs to be frozen and
    wrapped .. use the frozen jugs of water (do not top off with water) .. pack
    food low, then cover with blue ice, then another layer or 2 of newspaper old
    blanket, towel whatever

    EMERGENCY FOODS: suggest you make some of these and cook them, you can adjust
    to fit your families tastes

    use your SEAL - A - MEAL to make channels .. measure out one serving, place
    in channel (*try using a funnel) then seal and cut ..

    complex carbs will hold you over, eliminate the puffed cold cereals - no
    staying power

    nuts are a good source of protein, another is quinoe (*grain from S America)

    HOT RICE CEREAL - serve 4 (divide into 4 bags)
    3 C Minute Rice
    1 t cinnamon
    1/2 C dried fruit (raisins, dried apples, etc)
    dried milk & creamer

    **for all add 3 C water ..for individual serving add 3/4 C hot water and cook
    .. Bring to a boil, cover, remove from heat. Allow to steam 5 - 7 minutes ..

    HOT CORN MEAL MUSH - serve 4 (divide into 4 bags)
    1 C corn meal
    1 t salt
    dried milk & creamer
    tad of sugar (opt)

    **for all add 3 C boiling water .. individual serving 3/4 C water

    HOT OVERNIGHT CEREAL - serves 3 - 4 (bag up separate)
    1 C cracked wheat
    1 C oats
    1/4 C wheat germ
    1/4 C brown sugar
    1C dried fruit

    **cover w/hot water and leave lid on .. in morning simmer addung water to
    prevent sticking




    CEREAL ADD INS: (divide into approx 1/4 C package)
    6oz dried fruit
    1/4 C raisins
    2 T brown sugar
    1/2 t cinnamon
    1/3 C shredded coconut

    **cover with water, cook til raisins are plump .. add on top of hot cereals

    other options:
    1/2 C grape nuts
    chopped dates
    sunflower seeds

    SCRAMBLED EGGS - serves 2 (package at least 3 of these, can be used in other
    2/3 C dry egg powder
    1 T wheat germ
    3 T dry milk
    pinch of parsley, chives, salt & pepper

    * add 2/3C warm water. stir lightly & cook .. real bacon bits are a nice

    SNACKS: everyone should be carrying individual servings of snacks

    Raisins, salted nuts, choc chips, cocoanuts, chopped dates etc etc

    package in small 1/3C packets

    1/2 C smooth peanut butter
    1/2 C honey
    gradually add in
    1 C dry milk
    1 C uncooked quick oats
    use melon baller or roll into small ball let dry for several hours to day ..
    wrap and package

    fig newtons, oatmeal cookies, shortbread

    individual wrapped candies

    Pita bread, tortillas, heavy brown breads - rye, pumpernickel,

    dry salami, smoked meat sticks, beef jerky .. canned tuna .. ham in can
    (*small) .. canned chicken ..

    TVP granules .. peanut butter

    Wyler's packaged soups. bouillon, lipton etc

    instant potato, dehydrated onion, bacon bits, paprika, garlic powder, dash of
    cayenne, some creamer makes a good soup

    check the grocery shelf for soup starters most have dehydrated veggies in them

    pasta bag 1/2 C per person individually .. can boil with boullion

    ramen cook 2 packages of noodles w/ 1 package of spice save it for another

    box mac & cheese * split the cheese mix in 2 add in creamer and/or dried
    milk, add a bit more pasta (also split into 2 bag up individually

    make a variety of drink servings

    Tang (this is really great hot, also good if you have a cold)
    Hot coffee w/creamer & sugar (*label if you have diabetics)
    Hot cocoa mix
    Cool-aid - find out how mnay servings you get from one package and split up
    the coolaid - I like a bit of Lemonade tossed into my water

    If trying to store large amounts of food .. make sure you freeze it for 5days
    first, bug eggs are allowed in our foods, when they hatch you loose your food

    small metal garbage cans, fruitcake tins are all options ..

    I use canning jars & metal lids (not plastic) up at camp to keep the mice out
    of pasta, flour, pancake mix etc etc

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    Glad someone liked the emergency plans I have written <g> ..

    Will dig out the rest and post later

    Ria in Maine

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    I am rereading the Diaster Kits, lots of typos etc. This was written shortly after New Orleans.

    During the hurricane I was in contact with people who were still IN NO, but in office buildings etc with electric backup. It was weird hearing about people in a high building looking out at the dark city. (BTW I did learn if you are in a office, leave a flashlight in the desk in case you have to leave).

    At one point I had hooked into a cop who couldn't get back to the PD building as it was underwater, and was getting reports from him. I'm guessing his laptop went out, his car was stuck and filling with water, so I am sure he left at some point.

    What was really scary was disseminating the info coming out of NO to lists and people and shortly seeing it disappear from online sites. Especially the bad stuff that was going down, it just 'disappeared' from the various sites. My computer was acting up so I just dumped it on my lists and didn't keep a copy on the computer (my bad)


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    for anyone that has a REI store near them or a facsimile, at the end of every year, they have a huge sale on their dhydrated meals. you can get all sorts of things. I've used them for backpacking, camping, weeks without power... they really are very good! the REI store is a cooperative and really wants inventory gone so that they don't have to pay taxes. the packs are good for YEARS! I'm well stocked on all sorts of veggies (the corn is my favorite), breakfasts, and desserts, but low on main courses. so I'll be perusing the store SOON! LOL! on a side note, I got a dehydrator today from Craig's List today replacing the one that I lost and will be busy shortly making my own packs to add to my store of foods and enjoyable snacks! woo hoo!

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    Mos, whats a REI store?

    Bert has boxes of MREs LOL and then I have some dehydrated foods too


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    it's an outdoor gear store specializing in backpacking, camping, cycling, rock-climbing, kayaking, canoeing, skiing, and mountain-climbing. it's been around since the 30s and I think it started on the west coast. try googling to see if there's one near your neck of the woods

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    Default Re: Preparing Home Emergency/Disaster Kits

    Quote Originally Posted by mos View Post
    it's an outdoor gear store specializing in backpacking, camping, cycling, rock-climbing, kayaking, canoeing, skiing, and mountain-climbing. it's been around since the 30s and I think it started on the west coast. try googling to see if there's one near your neck of the woods
    we FINALLY had a chance to check one of these out just before the holidays. The place was AWESOME, one of the salesgals stated that they have sales a couple times a year (for members) to sell items that have been returned/exchanged, etc. I went in specifically to look at the "barefoot" shoes. I hate shoes, hate Shopping for shoes and prefer to be barefoot, but with the spurs, thorns and fireants here it just isn't practical. I was hesitant to buy them (they're pricey!!), and she said, buy them, try them for a few weeks, if you don't like them, return them, no questions asked.

    I was really impressed with the store and the salespeople. They were wonderful.
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