The ultimate best way to save money on tools, I would say, is to NEVER lend them
to your friends and neighbors. They never seem to make it back to your toolbox,
do they? Then you have to go out and
buy some more, because you can't remember who you lent them to, and if you do
ask your neighbor to return them, well, chances are he or she hasn't a clue. (At
least that's been our experience with tool-lending in times past.)

But if you do want to be Mr. or Mrs. Nice Guy to your neighbors, (because

someday you may need to borrow something from them) there is a quick thing you
can do to help get your tools returned to your own toolbox:

Paint your initials in big letters on them in obnoxious, glow-in-the-dark paint
colors! The letters will stand out like a screaming sore thumb on your
neighbor's workbench and will be a loud reminder to get them back to you. Make
them so ugly, he can't wait to return them! Also, the tools will be easy to spot
if left outside, by YOU or your neighbor. Give it a try!