Get 5 free Children’s Music Downloads including The ABC Song, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, Hey Diddle Diddle, Chickens, and Tale of the Gingerbread Man

Free kid song download #1
The ABC Song

Free kid song download #2
Itsy Bitsy Spider

Free kid song download #3
Hey Diddle Diddle

Free kid song download #4

Free kid song download #5
Tale of the Gingerbread Man

Here are a few free kid music downloads that I laid down for you all. You have my permission to do anything non-commercial you want. Burn these children's songs to CD, rip them, copy as many times as you like, give to everyone you know, P2P share it, sample it, loop it, put it to beats, synch it to your home movies, include it in your animations, do school plays with it or anything else you like. Give me credit when you can and be sure to contact me before doing any commercial projects. This is a license to use only. I retain the complete bundle of rights. Thanks.

Free Kids Songs for Download - Music Downloads of Children's Songs by Victor Johnson