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Thread: MYO Slimfast??

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    Daniel and Alice S Peterson

    Default MYO Slimfast??

    I was hesitating over a display of Slimfast products, thinking I might
    try this for a couple of weeks to jump start a needed weightloss effort,
    and my daughter said, "Oh Mom, your budget site must have a recipe for
    that. " I laughed and told her I'd check it out. I don't like the taste
    of powdered milk (I use it in baking frequently but have never liked
    drinking it), but am willing to try any myo recipes anyone has.
    it has to be chocolate, by the way!!!!!

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    Default MYO Slimfast??

    Originally posted by Cindy Sue on April 25, 2003
    MYO Slimfast?

    This isn't slim fast per say but I make a smoothie in the am with 2% milk and protein powder. I purchase Soy protein Powder in bulk from our local Winco ( Cub foods) for about 2.99 a pound CHEAP!!!!. I mix it up a bit but the basic recipe I use is 1 cup milk and 2 Tbl spoons of Protein powder 1 packet of sugar substitute and a Tsp of Coca powder.

    I also substitute coca powder for fresh strawberries or other fruit like banana or orange juice. I also have a few Sugar free syrups.
    1 C milk or powdered equivalent
    2 TBL protein powder
    1 packet sugar substitute
    1 TSP Coca powder
    for about 200 calories

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    This could also be used as a homemade Slim-Fast:

    2 tablespoons instant low-fat chocolate drink mix
    4 ice cubes
    1 large banana
    1/2 pint skim milk

    Shove everything into a blender and blitz.
    Pour into a large glass, plonk in a straw, sit back and prepare for a heavenly experience!

    I've tried it and it's good. I used a frozen banana and added 1 tablespoon of ground flax seed for extra fiber and Omega 3's. I recommend using Ovaltine because it has more vitamins than Nesquick.

    The recipe says to use 2 tablespoons of chocolate drink mix but Ovaltine recommends using 4 tablespoons per cup of milk so if you use Ovaltine, you'll probably want to use 4 tablespoons.

    About flax seeds:



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