Here's another neat recipe for kids. Think I'll
make some for my granddaughter for Valentine's.
I'm assuming soap flakes are Ivory Snow that I
used in wash when my boys were little.

Soap Crayons for Kid's Bath

1 cup soap flakes

1/4 cup boiling water

Food coloring

Ice cube tray

Drop the water into the flakes, one teaspoon at a
time, stirring constantly.

It will be thick and hard to stir. Spoon some of
the soap into different

bowls and color each with the food coloring until

it has the consistency of

thick paste. Press spoonfuls into the ice cube
trays and microwave on low

for 15 minutes to dry the crayons out. Let them
dry at room temperature for

several days and give it another day after
unmolding. The kids will love


Cindy Sue