We have two budgies. Aka parakeets. The cost of the cage and the two birds was $70.

We bought the cage new so that we didn't have to worry about any diseases. We got the birds from a pet shop that guarantees the birds are disease and pest free. Saves money on vet bills.

They are both companion birds and fly happily around the house. My kids love them to bits. The birds land land on their shoulders and chatter away.

I used to have the tv on as back ground now I just listen to our newest family members. Saves not only electricity but also I don't watch ads. No temptation.
Other costs have been drip water feeder ( ) 1kg of seed mix ( .50) which they have decided they no longer like) and for two hanging seed treats ( which they love).

Cleaning is a breeze.

Put paper from tray in bin on garbage night and hose out cage.