I do a beef and noodles recipe with the ramen noodles. First I take a 2 to 3 lb. beef roast and cook it in the crockpot with around a cup of water.

I use the low setting and I let it cook overnight. In the morning, I shredd the meat up and I add anywhere from 6 to 10 seasoning packets from the beef ramen noodle packets.(It all depends on how many people are going to be eating this. I take it to potlucks a lot.) I also add around another 1/2 cup of water.

I let this all cook together all day. About an hour before I am ready to eat, I cook all the ramen noodles (the 6 to 10 packs from which I took the seasoning packets.) I only add the noodles to the crockpot. I may add another 1/2 cup of water so the noodles don't dry up, but I mix together the noodles and beef and let them cook together for about 30 minutes so the flavor can really mix with the noodles.

Everywhere I have taken this, it has been a huge hit.

By Laurie