Check with these goverment organizations. Many of them offer free or low cost programs that are open to the public. Some could be incorporated into date time with your significant other or family members.

They can be a great source of information. Last month I went to a day long seminar(free & they had a catered meal!) on land management for wildlife-hubby wanted to go but couldn't so sent me instead. I felt like a fish out of water at the beginning but it was fun.

This month I went to a day long seminar on growing plants that are native to our state. I learned a lot(my thumb is mostly purple!) but found out about several plants that should be easy to grow in our area. This one was free w/o a meal but I won a door prize valued at $20(a beautiful ribbon embroidered pillow that my Mom's getting for Mother's day).

Last weekend my son and I went to an hour long demonstration about birds of prey. My son and I got to see up close several different owls and hawks that weren't in cages. And unlike a zoo, we learned more than just a couple of tidbits.

Did you know that birds of prey only catch something about 10% of the times that they try?

I'm looking forward to the next segment of the land management classes(probably won't be until summer) and am hoping hubby will be able to attend with me. I think it will be even more beneficial with both of us going.