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    Default Mushrooms

    I was given a large bag ($12.00 worth)full of White Mushrooms, more
    than I can ever use since it is just myself and my 15 years old
    daughter. I am wondering if any of you have an easy way to freeze or
    dry(?) them so they dont go to waste?
    You all have some of the best ideas. I want to let you know how
    great you all are. I am so glad to have found this group.

    DeWanna (Portland OR)

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    Default Re: Mushrooms

    Thanks for the info I think I will try it both ways. See which ne I
    like the best. :0)

    thanks again,

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    Susan Kunz

    Default Re: Mushrooms

    First I would like to say sorry to the moderators for the two blanks that
    came from me, my mail program was acting up and sent them before I could do

    Now what I did when I got some mushrooms is I just washed and cut them.
    After they were cut I spread them on a cookie sheet and placed it in the
    freezer until they were frozen and than placed them in a jar in the freezer.


    < Wishing for our troops to come home soon. Peace and love be with them all. >

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    pat jankowiak

    Default mushrooms

    I have learned so many things on this site that are reslly cheap and
    easy ways to do thing instead of spending a fortune on products that
    usually don't work as well I really want to start with a big THANK
    We have a problem with mushrooms growing in our yard. Someone told us
    to pick them and they would go away. We have been picking for 2 yrs
    now and this year there are just to many! Does anyone know of a way
    to get rid of them?


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    pat jankowiak

    Default mushrooms

    I don't remember who it was that suggested the baking soda to get rid
    of the mushrooms in my yard but I want to say a big THANK YOU! It
    worked beautifully and the grass around that area is even greener
    than it was before!

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    Default Mushrooms

    Originally posted by Katlee on April 21, 2003

    Wash them, slice them up, fill up a good sized pan with about one cup of water and cook them down, Then you can put them in freezer bags for soups, roasts, gravies. make the slices quite think 1/4"- 1/2" as they cook down lots!

    ModSquad note: this was the recommendation after a member posted that she was given several bags of mushrooms. so if they are on sale, on the 'reduced' produce shelf, take advantage and do the above.



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