Dri Wash 'n Guard® Upholstery, Carpet and Fabric Treatment

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Upholstery, Carpet and Fabric Treatment is a spot cleaner that will remove your most stubborn stains. Spray on and wipe with a terry cloth towel or soft bristled brush and dirt and stains disappear.
As this product cleans it also deodorizes, making it great for pet accidents. It leaves no residue that can track dirt and cause it to stick to the material like many cleaners.
You can use it on

- Dirt and grass stains
- Blood
- Oil
- Chewing gum
- Rust (with several applications)
- Food spills
- Smoke odors
- Pet accident
- Petroleum products
- Paint splatters

The product contains no petroleum distillates, is non-corrosive, biodegradable and non-flammable.