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    Does anyone have instructions on how to make those adorable boutique-type hair bows that they would be willing to share? I especially want to learn how to make the very layered grosgain ribbon kind,Korkers and balloon barrettes.Any help would be appreciated.

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    Default barrettes

    I've made them before and they are fairly simple to make but hard(for me anyhow to explain). First get the bare barrette clips; open them up and take out the part that is bowed toward the clip. It is tension that is holding it in, so just pull it out and set it aside.

    You will only be working on the decorated half. Using wire or if you're really good a good stong, thick thread, tie it to one end of the barrette. Wrap it around the end 2 or 3 times.

    Then you will start working the decorations on the "up" side. All you are doing is wrapping the wire or thread around the barrette and anchoring the decorations on the top. You will need to keep the wire or thread tight as you work so the decorations won't slip or pull out.

    If you are wanting the loopy, multi ribboned ones, you will need to have at least a foot of each ribbon probably. I have made a few of those with varying results. I layered the ribbons biggest at the bottom to smallest at the top and then attached them using the wire.

    Leave a couple inches hanging from the end where you start. After you wrap each round, make a loop(so it kind of looks like the Christmas ribbon candy) and then wrap it again. Work until you get to the end.

    When you get to the end of the barrette wrap the wire or thread 2 or 3 times before cutting it. If its the ribbon kind you will want to leave an inch or two at that end as well. After you've done that you can go back and pull the ribbon "layers" apart to make it more full.

    Just pull give each ribbon a little twist so it's less likely to try to go back where it came from. After you have finished attaching the ornaments, you might want to hot glue the ends of the thread if that is what you have used. Put the bowed tension bar back in and you are done.

    Hope that helps and DEFINATELY don't use your best ribbons on the first few you make. It usually takes a few trys to get it the way you want it. If it's a thicker grosgrain ribbon you can usually undo a barrette without much harm to the ribbon but some of the others will show wear or creases if you try to redo them.



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