Originally posted by Linda Gallin on April 15, 2003
Need Ideas (presents for male family members for different occasions)

For my father I am making him a photo album of my daughter, Sarah. Which I print out digital pictures that I have on my computer and photo albums are pretty cheap. For my husband, and father of our daughter, I am giving him more memory for the digital camera since he loves to take pictures and claims he doesn?t have enough memory.

I am not sure if this helps you but hopefully it might inspire some ideas.

Originally posted by Dana Moore on April 15, 2003
Need Ideas (presents for grandparents for holidays)

Last year i started making all the grandparents and parents pillow cases for the holidays. I let the kids use their hand and foot prints in creative ways considering the holiday. This way they have a matching set of pillowcases for each holiday.

If you need more info on it let me know and I will send it to the list

Originally posted by Frugal Mom on April 15, 2003
Need Ideas (presents for Mom and Dad)

For mom---At the dollar tree there was a pail with a handle and you could fill it up with cheap cleaners. For dads you could get a bag of popcorn and their favorite 2 liter of pop and a movie rental so they can relax. mom will also need to relax if she has cleaned all day.