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    Default Craft Idea: Ice Candles

    Ice Candles

    These candles are easy to make and turn out very nice. The ice will make a variety of crags, crevices and holes in the wax.


    broken crayons
    cardboard orange juice can
    ice cubes
    cotton string
    Melt wax in a double boiler, making sure that the pan on top is dry. (water into wax will explode). Braid three long strands of cotton string (the string MUST be cotton to burn correctly).

    Dip string into wax a few times. Put into freezer briefly to harden wax. Keep string straight.

    Stand string up in center of juice can and pour a small amount of wax in the bottom of can. Put can in freezer. Careful not to burn your hands.

    After 10 minutes remove can, wax should be hard. Fill can with ice cubes, making sure that wick stays in the center. Fill can with liquid wax to about 1/2 inch from top.

    Wait for cubes to melt and wax to harden. Pour off water. Remove cardboard from candle.

    And there it is a very nice creation!

    source: imagitek

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    Default Christmas candles

    We used to make these using milk/juice cardboard cartons to make larger candles. The nooks and crannies made by the ice make for a beautiful, flickering light show.



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