Hi there everyone. THis is my second post to this list but I am
always getting good bugeting tips from the digest. Recently my
daughter, 6 & 1/2, decided to make pudding pops, or fudgesicles. We
bought a package of 80 3oz.

plastic cups for $.90, a package of 200
popsicle or craft sticks for $1.70 and a package of chocolate pudding
for $.65. To make the pudding pops just prepare pudding according to
package directions and spoon into about 8 of the cups. Place one
stick into the center and place in the frezer untill completly

About 4 hours. Then rip off a piece of plastic wrap about 7
inches wide. Use a sissor or knife to cut a small line in the

Lay the plastic wrap over cup with stick poking through the
hole. Release the pop from the cup and wrap the plastic to cover
completly. We put them into a gallon ziploc and put them back into
the freezer.

My daughter loves them and they cost much less then the pudding pops
from the store. Since then we've made fresh fruit pops as well.
These are great becasue they are a healty treat and very cheap to
make. We used fresh water mellon and frozen strawberries.

These are
the natural berries not the ones in suger that you use to make
margeritas. Place them in the blender. Whirl untill smooth and
spoon into plastic cups.

Place popsicle stick in the middle and
freeze untill completly frozen. Wrap as with the pudding pops.

Then we got really creative and made tri-layer pops. The bottom was
the watermellon strawberry mixture. Freeze untill almost frosen,
about 40 minutes to an hour.

Mix together equal parts cool whip and
vanilla or plain yougurt and spoon on top of watermellon strawberry
mixture. Place popsicle stick into mixture and freeze untill almost
frozen. Then whirl blueberry's in the blender untill smooth and use

to top off the pops.

Once frozen completly wrap the same as the
other pops.

My daughter can't get over how great these all taste and has told all
her friends about these great homemade popsicles. A great koodos for
me and great taste for her and her friends. We will be making
watermellon blackberry, watermellon rasberry and kiwi strawberry
layer popsicles soon.

I'm sure they will be just as good if not
better than the ones we've already tried.

Hope you all enjoy this tasty and low cost summer treat as much as we

Maya in Illinois