>>I have 3 hummingbird feeders made of clear plastic on the top that are really dirty looking now. It kind of looks like mildew is growing on the inside. I tried filling it with dish detergent, water and rice and shaking it but a lot of it just won't come out.

Does anyone know how I can clean this?<<

Use vinegar! Rinse it very well after you clean it so the birds don't
smell it. It worked great on mine

Nancy Ann

We used to swish ice and salt around in the coffee pots to clean them at the restaurant I worked at. That might work. Jessa, my bird loving daughter, says it's safe to clean her budgie's perches with a light solution of bleach water as long as you rinse it really well.

She also suggested vinegar and baking soda. She says if none of these works she'll research it for ya.


I soak my plastic hummingbird feeders in a mild bleach solution with
the "globes" topside down. In 10-20 minutes the mildew looking stuff is


I clean mine out periodically with bleach and then rinse,rinse,rinse with hot water, also use an old toothbrush to get down inside but I think a baby bottle brush would work. Hope this helps.