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    Default Artichokes Benedict and Mock Hollandaise Sauce

    artichokes benedict
    2 medium artichokes
    2 slices canadian bacon
    2 EGGS
    4 tablespoons mock hollandaise sauce
    wash the artichokes. cut off the stems at the base and remove the small bottom leaves. stand the artichokes upright in a deep saucepan filled with 2?-3?

    of salted water. cover and boil gently, 35-45 minutes. turn artichokes upside down to drain.

    spread the leaves open like flower petals. with a spoon, carefully remove the center petals and the fuzzy center from the artichoke bottoms and discard. keep the artichokes warm.

    brown the canadian bacon in a skillet and poach the eggs in boiling salted water. place a bacon slice into each artichoke. top with a poached egg and 2 tablespoons of mock hollandaise sauce.

    serve immediately. serves 2= 227 calories

    mock hollandaise sauce
    ? cup liquid egg substitute
    1 tablespoon smart balance spread
    1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice

    ? dijon mustard
    dash ground red pepper
    in a 1-cup microwaveable liquid measure, combine the egg substitute and the spread.

    microwave on low (20%) FOR 1 minute, stirring once halfway through cooking, until the spread is softened. stir the lemon juice and mustard into the egg substitute mixture. microwave on low for 3 minutes, stirring every 30 seconds, until thickened.

    stir in the pepper. if the mixture curdles, transfer to a blender and process on low speed for 30 seconds, until smooth. serves 2 = 54 CALORIES

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