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    Default Homemade Baby Gifts

    Hi all,

    I'm just coming back after the move. Still surrounded by boxes to be unpacked, and now an injured knee has slowed me down quite a bit, so the challenges are continuing here. But I spotted that someone had posted baby gift ideas, and I'll take time to offer mine for those who enjoy embroidery to make special gifts.

    Plain old white baby tees, I think they're called lap shirts...the ones with the overlapped sleeves? I've done daisy stitches along the seams, and sometimes on the edges, depending on what I wanted to do. It's very much freeform, which makes these highly unique. If the parents know the baby's name already, you can also add in the baby's name on the shirt, which will make this truly a keepsake.

    Experiment with the stitches, and if you're more gifted than I with your needlework (that's not hard to do since I'm more a knitter and no longer have the sewing machine or the time), you can probably come up with true treasures!

    From: Michelle Young
    Date: Wed May 14, 2003 11:04 am

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