Hello fellow Budgeteers!

My name is Cacie.
I live in Western Washington above Seattle.
I am married with two lovely girls (2 and a half and 7 years old) and a baby boy due in late May.
I stumbled across this website quite awhile back but just now registering.
I have not done well in the budgeting arena (butted heads with hubby and we both like to shop), but hoping and working towards succeeding this year.
Finally have energy back that I lost in the first half of pregnancy (Woo-Who!)

I like to sew- So I have made reusable flannel baby wipes, nonpaper towels (out of flannel), and plan to make my own diapers.
I am starting to plan out our menus and recipes.
If you have any questions or tips for me I'd love to hear them.