I just registered and hope this site will help me and my financial status. I am a Nommy (grandmother) to 12 wonderful grandchildren - #13 is coming Jan. 1, 2014. My oldest grandchild, a 14 yr old boy, was recently diagnosed with childhood leukemia. He lives 6 hours away and I've only been able to see him the week he was diagnosed. I long to save money so I can take off work and go see him. I am married to my Prince Charming for 5 years now. We live with my aging mother to help her. I teach a 3-yr-old class at a day care center so you have to know I am not getting rich. I love crafting - card-making, painting and refurbishing items but have limited time and space. My husband says that I am so thrifty that I would squeeze that spit out of a buffalo nickel and have a bucket to catch it in. He says that is a compliment. I look forward to getting to know other thrifters through this site. Hello everyone.