I worked the Saladbar at Hy-Vee for quite a while and shared a workspace with the produce department so I got to see (and help) make chocolate covered strawberries for Valentine's day one year. It's actually super simple: 2 ingredients (not including the item/s to be dipped, extra toppings, etc..).

1 12oz package of semi-sweet chocolate chips
1 package of Almond Bark chocolate

Carefully heat in microwave, mixing often (to prevent scorching), then when fully melted, dip away! (Forks and toothpics come in handy for fully dipped items. If the dipping chocolate starts to harden, just carefully repeat the nuke/stir process again until melty. The almond bark hardens much faster than the semi-sweet chips would by themselves and the semi-sweets keep the chocolate melty longer, allowing for more dipping.

I've done this with the white chocolate as well with great results, and I imagine that it would work well for other types too. Add dry toppings (such as nuts or sprinkles) while the dipped items are still wet. Layer dips (let chocolate harden fully before re-dipping) or drizzle one type over another).

I've used strawberries and pretzels, but the combinations are pretty much as limited as you make them. Enjoy! ^_^