GENEVA's motto, "simplicity sounds better," is the answer to the question of whether electronics have to be ugly and complicated. The Model M cabinet is a strikingly seamless design statement that disguises the power and versatility of the hi-fi system hidden inside. The cabinet's woodworking features traditional intarsia techniques to create the subtle radius corners, and the hand-finished lacquering is superb. Tucked underneath a flip-up lid are the controls that make hi-fi easier and more attractive. The backlit TouchLights brighten on contact and allow full control of the menu system of an iPod or iPhone, a level of usability not found in rivals. There's also an FM radio with digital tuner, and a programmable clock with alarm. A line-in jack allows you to connect anything from a turntable to a television. Not quite 8 inches high, the Model M has a full stereo array that rivals the power of bulky multi-box component systems. Each speaker is powered by its own dedicated digital amplifier. These digital amps are also incredibly energy efficient, drawing less than 20% of the electricity burned by conventional stereos - which is why GENEVA was named first in Metropolis magazine's list of top new sustainable products. Expires Jan 4, 2014

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