Sunday -- baked halibut with buttery crumb topping and creamy green bean casserole...$11.97
Monday -- cheesey ground pork casserole with Creole lima beans...$6.27
Tuesday -- autumn veggie stew with roasted potatoes...$7.98
Wednesday -- oven-fried chicken with brown rice and fried okra...$4.18 (actually having an early dinner with friends, so will come home to make this;->)...$5.32
Thursday -- apple bourbon baked ham, mac and cheese, leftover casserole from Sunday...(ham was a gift from friends) $3.54
Friday -- acorn squash and leftover casserole from Monday...$1.18
Saturday -- Sunday's leftovers... Saturday -- Sunday's leftovers...$0

This week's bill from the mark-down bin...$40.44.
What did you spend?!!