Petsafe Outdoor Bark Control Deterrent

Your dog loves your yard. He enjoys playing fetch, chasing the squirrels, and racing his shadow to and from your home. Yet, he barks at everything outside and it is driving you crazy. And, when he starts barking the neighbors’ dogs start barking too! You and everyone in the neighborhood are losing sleep from the pets’ conversations. You need a bark control solution, and the Elite Outdoor Bark Control is the one for you!

How it works:

When the Elite Outdoor Bark Control is within range of a barking dog, an internal microphone picks up the sound and automatically activates the unit. It emits an ultrasonic sound. This ultrasonic tone cannot be heard by most humans, but dogs will find it annoying. Startled by the high-pitched sound, which is safe and effective for dogs of all sizes and breeds, the dogs barking is deterred. He will begin to associate his barking with the unpleasant tone, and will remain quiet to avoid it. When the dog stops barking, the ultrasonic sound also stops. Programmable timers let you curb barking at certain times of day, just like an alarm clock. Additionally, the timers allow you to conserve battery life when you decide to allow him to bark. It includes two timers, and it can reach up to 50 feet.

You can use the Elite Outdoor Bark Control Deterrent to deter your barking dog or your neighbor’s dog. You can also train puppies not to bark or deter barking on camping trips. With its unique and attractive birdhouse disguise, your visitors and neighbors will never know what you are using it for.
*You should only use a bark control solution during times when barking is excessive.*

Product Features:

  • Ultrasonic sound emits Up to 50 foot range keeping all dogs quiet within that range.
  • Built-in timers contain two programmable on/off presets.
  • A durable and weatherproof design gives you satisfaction in knowing your barking problem will be solved in any weather.
  • A two color LED shows good/low battery, indicates the Timer 1 and Timer 2 off, and indicates Ultrasonic correction.
  • Uses 9v alkaline battery (not included).

What's in the Box:

• 1 PetSafe Elite Outdoor Bark Control
• 1 Operating Guide

Expires Jan 1, 2014

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