This is a reminder that you can get free guacamole with printable $4 MFC. Off 16oz size, good through the end of the year.

Here's the PITA part, your dog (multiple share/usernames) needs a sit-on-my-face-book account and java; uses "qples". Your fog will also have to like them and allow access. Luckily he wont have to post anything afterword.

Since there is a Limit one per account, HOWEVER there doesn't seem to be a limit per computer. We've gotten 4 so far (dog, cat, fish, and me)

And yes, unfortunately, it lists the account name on the coupons, good thing I wrote Mr Dog, Mr Cat, Mr Fish and Mrs Jane!

(At least it doesn't also show a picture like others do.)

In case you're wondering, There isn't any ad after the coupon.

Note: if you do not have any dogd you can substitute other pets or "pet names" they should still be compatible
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