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Santa Jump
Genre: Games
Release Date: December 16, 2013

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the world,
the people were sleeping after a work's day unfurled.
The milk and the cookies were out on display;
They knew that Saint Nick would soon be on his way.

But not all rejoiced in the gift-giving fest;
Some aliens showed up and became quite the pests!
They slunk into houses and stole all the toys,
Ruining Christmas for all, creating quite the noise!

The elves were distraught; they shouted in fear,
“Christmas is ruined; the day’s almost here!”
But Santa was not one to give up so quick;
“I will save Christmas, for I am Saint Nick!”

Will Santa be able to save Christmas from those mean aliens? That’s up to YOU!
Help Santa and Rudolph reach the alien UFO to retrieve the gifts and save Christmas!

- HOP from cloud to cloud with easy-to-use motion controls!
- EVADE little green grinches and grab presents on your way up to the UFO!
- BOOST Santa by drinking milk, cider and eggnog!
- CHALLENGE your friends and get the High Score!
- SAVE CHRISTMAS and earn a permanent place on the Nice List!

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