I have loved all the pins I have found, excited to be a member!! Ready to make some laundry sauce!!! Looking forward to all the other great tips and recipes or anything this forum has to offer! I have just started to learn about healthier inexpensive way to take care of my family and household, I am a stay at home mom, and I need as much advice as I can get on how to save money while still using good quality household items. My family and I are leaving on Vacation for our entire Christmas break this coming up weekend, I had the flu this past weekend and my husband has been working 18-20 hour days in preparation for the trip, so I am finally feeling better, big thanks to the amazing Tamiflu! So now I am going to drink lots of caffeine and pull an all night cleaning, disinfecting catching up on everything and prepare and pack for my family of four!! Going to be one long night!! I watch babies from home the first one should be here around 6:45am. So any tips on my very backed up cleaning adventure will be much appreciated!! Can't wait for vacation and relaxation!!! Ive got this though!!! Because this is the treat at the end of the ever long list! We are from central Florida and my 2 sons 15 and 8 have never seen snow, my husband and I haven't seen snow in about 20 years!! So this should be a very different exciting Christmas/vacation for all of us, huge difference then the normal Beach vacations!! So this is my introduction! Very long I know, part exhaustion mixed with excitement and of course the large amounts of caffeine that is a must for tonight!! Angela