Part of the fun of each holiday is the Traditions that are carried on from household to household. Whether you have an elf on the shelf or a particular dish that you HAVE to make, each family has it's own set of traditions.

For our house, my kids INSIST that I make my Land o' Nod cinnamon rolls on holiday mornings, thanksgiving, Yule, Christmas- it never fails, they're in the the kitchen asking, "when will they be ready!?!"

We have a few other traditions as well, like opening a single present on christmas eve, which is usually some sort of family gift that we can share together, be it a family game or family movie, etc.

Every year we decorate cookies together and even though the kids are now in their middle teens and one is heading off to college shortly, I was surprised to hear that they still wanted to bake cookies this year! I guess some traditions will always live on.

What are your favorite holiday traditions?