Delivering remarkable functionality at the push of a button, the CLS 1110 on-site two-way radio is designed for the fast pace of business. It operates on a single channel with a choice of 56 business-exclusive frequencies for enhanced voice quality, privacy and reliability. This radio is part of CLS series, an easy-to-use, affordable wireless solution from Motorola.

An on-site two-way radio designed for the fast pace of business. Click to enlarge.
Smart, simple and reliable, but also able to withstand the daily rigors of the workplace..
An easy-to-use drop-in charger keeps your radio charged, ready--and centrally located.
Package includes radio, charger, carry holster, battery, and adapter. Enhance Your Productivity

Designed with business productivity in mind, CLS Series radios and headsets provide a communications solution that is not only smart, simple and reliable, but also able to withstand the daily rigors of the workplace.

Lightweight Durability
Weighing just ounces, CLS Series radio handsets are designed to be comfortable to wear, yet durable enough to withstand everyday use.

Business Exclusive Frequencies
CLS Series radios operate on 56 different business exclusive frequencies and feature 121 codes, which means you can rely on getting a clear signal (FCC License is required for use).

Dependable Coverage
One watt of power provides coverage of up to 200,000 sq. ft or 15 floors.

Long Lasting Battery Life
A rechargeable Lithium Ion battery provides up to 12 hours of use, more than enough for a standard work shift.

Convenient Charging
An easy-to-use drop-in charger keeps radios charged, ready--and centrally located.

Keypad Lock
Helps prevent settings from being accidentally changed, limiting unnecessary downtime.

Call Tones
3 selectable call tones alert users of incoming transmissions.

Fast Settings Transfer
CLS Series radios are cloning capable with the use of a multi-unit charger accessory, which allows you to quickly copy settings from radio to radio.

Built for Your Business

Raise the level of customer service by enabling employees to communicate instantly. With the CLS Series, all retail activities, from restocking to security are enhanced. Cashiers can perform price checks at a moments notice. Managers have a constant eye on customer flow and inventory. And security is always alert and ready for any potential in-store problems.

The restaurant business is as fast-paced as they come, and quality service is a key ingredient for success. The CLS Series enhances efficiency by allowing hosts, managers, kitchen and waitstaff to instantly connect, minimizing wait times, getting food out quicker and controlling the pace of large parties. It all adds up to more table turns with greater satisfaction.

Expires Jan 2, 2014

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