I have made some "laundry sauce" thanks to this forum and thought I'd register and start posting some general insanity from here in OR. My wife and I are recently retired and are living in quiet harmony,sort of. We are avid knitters (Me on a Brother 270 machine and wife hand knits and crochets along with making all sorts of stuff on a Brother 940). I also like riding/working on motorcycles, and woodworking with my new adopted dad in his well stocked woodshop. We travel during the summer for a few months with our old motorhome named "IRV, da Floatin' Brick" towing a trailer with our Goldwing/sidecar rig. We have 2 nutty dogs..Kiddo the Poma-shih, and Dinah-Mite the Chorkie. They love to ride in the sidecar. That's it fer now,eh? Oh, we are from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan,originally, so we say "doan-cha-no" and "eh" quite frequently, along with "Ya, you betcha" and "OOFDA"