The Miccus Mini-jack TX adds Bluetooth wireless capability to any Headphone jack (3.5mm). Enjoy your music without the hassle of cables and adapters. Easy to use, plug it into TVs, game pads, CD/DVD players, MP3 players, laptops, PCs, GPS and more. The 90?? swiveling jack allows for easy storage, portability and hard-to-reach connections. Pair with any Bluetooth compatible receiver, such as the Miccus Mini-jack RX, Miccus Home RTX or Bluetooth headphones, speakers, helmet systems, hearing aids and more. Touch and hold the button for 8 seconds and the Mini-jack TX will automatically search for a compatible receiver such as the Bluetooth headphones or the Mini-jack RX; no codes or passwords to enter. The LED lights beneath the button indicate Bluetooth connection and charging status. The Mini-jack TX is compatible with any destination device capable of receiving via the Bluetooth A2DP software profile. A fully charged Mini-jack TX provides up to 7 hours of music transmission or continuous with USB power. Package includes: Miccus Mini-jack TX, USB charging cable and User manual. 1 Yr Limited Warranty. Expires Jan 6, 2014

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