The nGroove Snap is a magnetic mobile device mount with a sleek nGroove blade that easily wedges into CD slots and dashboard seams, the optimal location for driver accessibility. nGroove Snap's pre-assembled blade has made car mount installation simple and effortless. Forget suction cups, clips, screws, and adhesives. No more sticky stains or residue on your dashboard. Just wedge, tighten, and drive. It's that simple! The nGroove Snap is Mountek's most versatile mount yet. It functions as a CD Slot Mount, Dashboard Seam Mount, Desktop Stand, Tripod Mount, and Monitor Clip. Please visit company website for important product details, installation instructions and demonstration videos. Mountek introduced the very first CD slot mount to the world in 2006, and is constantly improving its designs for safer driving. The USPTO has recently awarded Mountek with a utility patent for its CD slot mounting technology. U.S. Patent ID: 8,505,795. The company also has several domestic and international pending patents. Remember: Hands free. It's the Law. Proudly designed and assembled in the USA. WARNING: May interfere with NFC and/or wireless charging capabilities of smartphones. Magnets can demagnetize credit cards kept inside phone cases and devices with spinning hard drives (e.g. early generation iPods). Expires Dec 14, 2013

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