RO*TEL®and VELVEETA®are on a mission to spread Queso For All across the nation, with queso fans leading the charge to introduce queso to those who’ve never tried the famous dip. Now, you can share this special offer on Facebook to receive a discount on your favorite fiesta ingredients, just in time for your holiday and football gatherings.


  • 4,000 Facebook shares to receive this coupon: Save 75¢ when you buy one VELVEETA®and one can of RO*TEL®
  • 7,500 Facebook sharesto receive this coupon: Save $1.25 when you buy one VELVEETA®and two cans of RO*TEL®
  • 10,000 Facebook sharesto receive this coupon: Buy one VELVEETA®receive two cans of RO*TEL®for FREE
So be sure to share with friends on Facebook. The coupon’s value increases the more it is shared.

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