Gently wake to your favorite iPod/iPhone tunes or FM radio, complete with separate weekday/weekend alarm times. Or simply enjoy your music with this docking clock radio from Philips. This stylish system is decked out in a sleek aluminum case, for looks to match any room.

Docking Clock Radio DC290/37

At a Glance:

  • Simultaneously plays and charges your iPod or iPhone
  • Bass reflex system for full sound and less distortion
  • Aux-in jack for MP3 players and other electronic devices
  • Dual alarm clock lets you set different times for you and your partner
  • Limited one-year warranty

A stylish iPod/iPhone docking clock radio in a sleek aluminum case. View larger.

Play and Charge Your iPhone/iPod

Enjoy your favorite tunes while your iPhone/iPod gets a charge. The dock fits most docking iPod/iPhones, and while you're listening, it provides a charge--no need to worry about your battery running out.

Digital FM Tuner

Tune in to FM radio to get your morning news, traffic reports, or other live broadcasts. Presets let you quickly access stored favorites.

Rich, Clear Sound

The DC290/37 packs 10 watts RMS total output power. The Dynamic Bass Boost feature maximizes your music enjoyment by enhancing the low end no matter the volume setting--this is similar to "loudness" features on other systems, allowing you to get consistent, full-range sound even at lower listening levels. Philips also lets you dial it in with "Digital Sound Control," or preset EQ curves for different musical styles (Jazz, Rock, Pop, and Classical), so you can get the most out of your music.

Dual Alarm Clock

Whatever your alarm needs, the DC290/37's ready. A dual alarm feature lets you set different alarm times for weekdays and weekends, or vary the alarm settings for you and a companion. Forget the hassle of fiddling with different alarm times every single night, and set it up for your lifestyle.

You can wake to an FM radio station or your favorite iPhone/iPod tunes from a docked device. A "gentle wake" feature gradually increases the alarm volume to wake you without jarring you out of sleep.

Auxiliary Input

Philips' "MP3 link" connection (a 3.5-mm auxiliary input) lets you plug in your other MP3 players, CD players, or pretty much anything with a line out. So if you have other devices besides iPods/iPhones, or non-docking iPods such as the shuffle models, you'll still get to enjoy it over the system's speakers.

About Philips

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